Policy Advisory Group

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) provides policy and legislative advice.

The PAG comprises nominated representatives from all affected states and territories, with collective expertise in biosecurity, water and natural resource management, fisheries and environmental assessment.

A key task for the PAG will be identification of legislation relevant to carp control and co-ordination of approvals. The group has already advanced the process underpinning potential use of biocontrol.

The group includes members from the following organisations:

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Science and Commercialisation Policy Division, Science Policy Branch
Commonwealth Environmental Water Office
Environmental management division, Murray-Darling Basin Authority Environmental Management Division
Biosecurity SA Invasive Plants and Animals Committee member
Department of the Environment and Energy
ACT Parks and Conservation Service Invasive Plants and Animals Committee member
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (Victoria)
Invasive Plants and Animals, Biosecurity Queensland
Tasmanian Inland Fisheries Service