the lab rats of the river
16 AUGUST 2017

Electric carp scales?

The Weekly Times considers uses for dead carp.

24 JULY 2017

Research forms part of the NCCP process

“The National Carp Control Plan is a process, not a foregone conclusion,” says Mr Barwick.

Cover of the research plan
5 JUNE 2017

New research plan the next nail in coffin for Carp

This plan is the blueprint for how we will answer key questions...

Gibson-Reinemer Figure 2a
16 MAY 2017

Virus causes collapse in Mississippi River carp populations

Read the NCCP Media Release

No Quibbling About Carp
26 APRIL 2017

No Quibbling About Carp

Carp currently make up a huge percentage of the fish biomass throughout the Murray-Darling Basin.

People using
19 APRIL 2017

Carp control: Koi herpes virus release ‘not a done deal’

Releasing the exotic Koi herpes virus into Australian waterways in a bid to wipe out up to two million carp will not go ahead if the risks outweigh the benefits.

3 APRIL 2017

Safe and effective biocontrol of common carp

Invasive species have had devastating impacts in Australia, and continue to be a major problem.

Baby carp in bucket
12 MARCH 2017

Booming River Murray carp population highlights need for solution to pest problem, say herpes researchers

A recent explosion of carp in the River Murray shows a solution is needed to control the pest now more than ever, researchers in charge of the carp herpes virus program say.

25 FEBRUARY 2017

International Interest in Carp Biological Control Welcomed

Recent international interest shown in Australia’s National Carp Control Plan (NCCP).

Carp scales
26 OCTOBER 2016

Minister Joyce appoints ‘The Carpinator’

The war to rid our waterways of one of Australia's most devastating pests, the common carp, has received a boost today with the appointment of a national coordinator to develop the Coalition Government's $15 million National Carp Control Plan.

9 MAY 2016

Carpageddon: Carp Virus

One of the big announcements in this week's Budget was the commitment of $15 million over the next three years towards the National Carp Control Plan.

Wanted poster

Controlling Carp

Next we're learning about carp which are one of Australia's most destructive pests in the water.